§ 8-153.5. Conditions of adoption  

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  • (a) The manager may promulgate rules, regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the purchase, placement, adoption, acquisition and disposition of municipal animal shelter animals by individuals, approved animal adoption and humane organizations, and other entities.

    (b) The fees for adoption shall be assessed subject to the following considerations:

    (1) Adoptions by or for persons with disabilities and by or for persons who are sixty-five (65) years of age or older, may be discounted by the manager; and

    (2) Differential fees may be assessed for the adoption of different species and ages of animals.

    (c) All municipal shelter dogs and cats shall be vaccinated for rabies prior to release by the manager for adoption;

    (d) All municipal shelter dogs and cats shall be licensed at the time of adoption;

    (e) All municipal shelter dogs and cats, except those specifically exempted by the manager, shall be sterilized prior to release by the manager for adoption; provided, however, that, if the animal is too young, or is otherwise physically incapable of undergoing the requisite sterilization procedure, it shall be released only upon the manager's first obtaining from the adoptive owner:

    (1) Payment of a sterilization deposit fee that shall be fully refunded upon the owner providing, within a reasonable time to be established by regulation adopted by the board, satisfactory proof of sterilization in the form of certification from the veterinarian or other provider of such sterilization procedure.

    (2) A written agreement that the animal will be immediately sterilized at the owner's expense when the animal both attains the age which veterinary science deems appropriate to sterilize, but not more than six (6) months of age, and is physically capable of undergoing the requisite sterilization procedure. The city shall not incur any cost, obligation or liability incident to the sterilization of any animal, except that the city may provide transportation service to and from locations within the city where such service is provided. If the animal is permanently unable to be sterilized, and the animal is owned in the city, the adoptive owner must obtain an intact permit for the stated fee.

    (f) In the event an owner signs an agreement to sterilize an animal pursuant to the provisions of subsection (e) above, it shall be unlawful to violate such written agreement by failing to sterilize and provide proof of sterilization within the time established by the board, or fail to obtain an intact permit if the animal is permanently unable to be sterilized.

    (g) Unclaimed animals and animals that have not been adopted shall be managed in accordance with the directions of the manager. Notwithstanding the fee schedule provided for in subsection (b) of this section, the manager may, without charge, allow the release of unclaimed animals and animals that have not been adopted to any approved animal adoption and humane organization which meets all of the following requirements:

    (1) The primary purpose of the organization is the care and welfare of animals;

    (2) All facilities operated by the organization meet criteria set forth in the state Pet and Animal Care and Facilities Act as amended, currently codified at Colo. Rev. Stat. § 35-80-101 et seq. and section 117 of the state Animal Care and Facilities Rules and Regulations;

    (3) The facility will allow the manager to inspect its facilities at all reasonable times, with or without prior notice; and

    (4) The organization follows all relevant shelter adoption network policies.

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